she graces around like a young ballerina.
her timelessness is timeless.
how tragic.


sometimes we put things before others with so much high regard that it becomes just......
what do you call it again? .......
whatever it is, in a way, you.........
and it feels really......
makes you think.
you know?!
and it'll drive you crazy.

when god created mariliza
you shall have no other gods before me
keep it holy
honor yours

Club Work It


Every sunday night @ Jimmy's Lounge
santa monica blvd and el centro


they call him enfermo. he was given the name by himself. he labeled himself what he thought everyone was. he wanted to make it obvious in a low glance world.

enfermo is meant to be interpreted as mentally ill.

mentally ill meant to be interpreted as not being pure.

being meant to be interpreted as thinking and behaving

but how many enfermos can we have walking around?


TR 808

TR and the 808

Echo Park

The lotus flower is significant to the Asian cultures as a symbol of rebirth, purity and life. The festival is held in July when the lotus flower blooms. Echo Park Lake was selected as the site for the event due to its central location of local Asian and Pacific Islander communities and because it houses the largest lotus bed in the United States. The festival was originally named “The Day of the Lotus”, and the purpose was to promote an awareness and understanding of the contributions by the Asian and Pacific Islander people to our culture and to the local and surrounding communities. The first two festivals were one-day affairs, which attracted approximately 15,000 people. Due to the success of the festival, it was expanded to a two-day event.

Her Guest Star

this is an outrageous realization and belief.
but we do what we do yet we do not know what we do when we do it.
ultimately, it exists.


one must begin with an impression. the likeness brought upon by an entity.  you attack the aura by quickly biting it. the flavors quickly sink in just fast enough for you to judge it. the flavors. yes. it tastes beautiful. it's awkward. it's mysterious. it's crisp and refreshing. and it takes shape. it has some sort of meaning enough to stand out in the crowd. and the crowd is restless. jittering about with so much commotion. but this entity. peaceful enough to make you stare. you follow it in your own way to draw its life. the energy is so alluring. it takes control of you. the best ownership is in the connection. the image. that image was good enough to be seen. and it rings.


there stands a dilapidated home on a dry suburban street. it is tucked along back dirty concrete weeded alleys. an untamed dog roams the front yard careless of your every which move for it knows of its capabilities of tearing unwanted folk apart and it knew it could. here stands an appearance of an unwanted change and progress.
thomas arrives home to something different. he lives among the dry heave, but he is tucked into his own back guest house full of vibrant reds, blues, yellows and zest! there are collections of toys beautifully patterned out and arranged. its friendly and comfortable. thomas has the taste of pop art as a palate around his personal space. he spends his time typing away gallantly finding new prizes through his computer. he is nit picky about his generous offers but he knows what he wants likes and can have.
music is his vessel. he composes musical notes filled with quirky animated sounds and commands it.
there in this neighborhoods is a creative circus.


she stood there mute and graceful in a dark room filled with chaotic energy. lights flashed left and right playing along with the thunderous symphony constructed by the musical ensemble. the flashes gleamed around her and flashed more like that of an old hollywood premiere as if it were subtly constructing her as the starlet of the moment. her cropped houndstooth coat pushed and crunched her straight raven black hair up. it makes her bangs more noticeable and suddenly, her brown eyes roll around. left, right, and it's hard but to follow them. it's transfixing. the gaze then turns and so does her petite body. she turns as if she reached the end of the runway and was closing a chanel show; about to have a glass of san pellegrino with karl. she walks outside and entertains her palate with a cigarette. she waits for the crisp autumn wind to carry her along.