MOCA- Engagement Party

The Museum of Contemporary Art in downtown Los Angeles is hosting summer night Engagement Parties the next couple of months. The Engagement Parties are held the first Thursdays of the month. These days are generally free museum days and after the museum from 7-10pm, the festivities begin. This year, artist collective, OJO, a local Los Angeles music group are staging various audience participatory acts. On June 4th, OJO debuted an act called "Color Chorus." Upon arrival, patrons were given shirts in either blue, yellow or red along with a plastic egg filled with beads to act as a shaker. OJO played a jumble of beats and eclectic rhythm getting the color coded people to chant designated hums and words to the choreography of strobe and colored lights. The turn out was big, even stopping tourists to join in on the performance. As the sun set, it became very dark in downtown with the exception of office lights hanging on the tall skyscrapers surrounding the space of primary color. But most dazzling was the dancing and singing that became very tribal and expressive.