American Alien

Sole Soul Rebel

we make our own heroes.


the awful news of his untimely departure left the team shocked and in disbelief. we wanted to lie to ourselves. it could have been a mere rumor. but why would someone conjure such a thing? the intensity of his character was unexplainable. raw energy, humorous jokes upon humorous jokes and an attitude that just brought out the wild side in everyone.
a day of absence made everyone hush as though mourning the absence of spirit. the kitchen flattop could be heard sizzling and the air conditioning was heard humming.

Where did "A Train" go?
Rally! Rally! Rally! was all i thought. he's gotta come back!
he was fired for his usual tardiness. one that could easily have been pardoned for a stress free shift. the work load was not heavier, but it came off as heavier. he wasn't there to lighten things up.

so i said the next day....

i brought what people thought but couldn't say. a slogan and distribution of art in the name of Anthony.
the crowd chanted and our voices were heard.
will a train come home?
maybe. someday. only time can tell. we gave it some effort.

Mermaid Lover

she lives by a land where unicorns gallop, dragons dwell, griffins soar, centaurs roam and mermaids swim. the trees talk to one another and the river combs through the land so gracefully. in her land, smoke filled the air, machines hammered the road and dark clouds of spirits terrorized the gates at every corner. she so longed to visit the outside for it was once her home, but her deeds were not done. the piper wanted to keep her. she was tricked by a pied piper to walk into a blinding dark tunnel that lead into his world. the piper played sweet melodies and told her he would show her things that was beyond the glorious facade of a fairy tale. she had not known it would come to this. although her eyes widened, she wanted to go home. day after day passed and she became sick.
viruses plagued the dark land.
if there was anything she wanted more, it was to get out. no one was going to help her until she decided to help herself. she then ran. she ran through dark weeds that scratched and tore her dress and legs. she pushed away the vultures that flew down towards her. she was determined not to stay. she would go as far as her body would take her.
suddenly, there was a light beyond the cliff. light! bright natural light! concrete towers have always surrounded her, shadowing her heart and for her to see a glimpse of light was a miracle. she ran towards it and jumped off the cliff....
she fell....
hundreds of feet...
down, down, down...
she finally got away from the dark land and waded along with the current not knowing what she would get into.
wading along, she drifted into a cove filled with crystals. the light refracted through the crystals making rainbows end along every scale of the walls.
there, the mermaids greeted her with a pearl and told her she was home.

Michael Phelps

we just witnessed man at a new pinnacle in sports competition and capability.
its amazing.
we're living in the times.

Creature of the Piano

We play at FAO Schwartz MF

Bookstore Seus

I caught story time during the amazing race.
I run way too fast. Wonderful children stop me and ask me to join them.
Lets stop and catch a breath.

Digital Johnny Five

this is a capture of an image comprised of many clustered streaming videos in real time. the videos are in different resolutions taken from different security cameras in various parts of an event used to form the image of the person standing in front of this camera.


Just a Video!

hidden in a tree house amongst the bustle and concrete in southern california.