Touch With Your Ears

i told you not to touch anything! mama said
look but dont touch!
if you break it, you buy it and we cant afford it.
thats when i listened.
i not only listened to mama, but i heard it and i hear things.
i didnt touch, but i listen. and im glad i do.
its priceless.

Coat of Arms

we cover ourselves with our arms
when we brace the cold and the harm

we wear our hearts on our sleeves
to express ourselves for all to see

we reach extending our hands
trying to make contact with fellow man

this is the portrait of a man embracing himself
another book on the shelf


it's not what happens in the end
it just poses as the start of a new beginning

or maybe its the lesson we just fumble with
never do we know whos winning
i just hope its not a twisted ironic tragedy

with ugly camera tricks
and bad actors


Catherine the Waitress [Teitur]

Cath... [Death Cab For Cutie]

Kathy's Song [Simon & Garfunkel]

Kate [Ben Folds Five]

Kathy With A K [Bright Eyes]