The Kills The Horrors

The Kills & The Horrors play together during an encore at the Glasshouse in Pomona, CA.







Manimal Vinyl

All Leather shook the room with screams and loud energy that made the room vibrate so intently that it shrilled through the crowd's joints. I didn't know if people were having seizures or were so hypnotically entranced enough to dance. The catchy rhythms held me long enough to listen, but they will leave your ears pulsing long over due past their set!

The Polyamorous Affair closed the night with cool pop electro disco. Their stage presence was captivating. Sissy Sainte-Marie is the soft spoken robotic doll oddly juxtaposed to Eddie Chacon, a more springy multi-pitched frontman. Their nature is very different from one another, but the chemistry fits and the music makes you bop your head playing into their beautiful aesthetic of foreign fashion and magical landscapes. They team with with Mr. Cocoon's psychedelic VJ-ing and De Ja Franciose's outstandish DJ-ing. These guys are one to look out for.

Above "Face Control" Live! Below "Fashion" Live! off their upcoming new album "BOLSHEVIK DISCO"

First Fridays // May Edition

The Natural History Museum of LA hosts the first Friday of every month throughout the summer with a special engagement showcasing fascinating discussions on science and history with guest speakers, special band performances and DJs, all while the museum is open for guest to wander and explore the three floors that exhibit fossils, ancient artifacts, special galleries and pavilions of many cultural and anthropological subjects.

This year proved more festive than last catering to more lounge seating, food and beverages. There were stations that sold art and sampled new market products. Word seems to have caught on about First Fridays because the event was SOLD OUT! The turnout was great and lines had to be formulated for headlining bands The Ruby Suns and Wolfmother.

May AGENDA: Darwin's Origin of Species: From a Theory of Evolution to a Cultural Revolution / TOUR "Tour of Vertebrate Paleontology Collections: Preview to the Human / Evolution exhibit in the new Age of Mammals Hall" / DISCUSSION with Dr. Donald C. Johanson "Lucy's Legacy: The Quest of Human Origins" / moderated by Dr. Michael W. Quick / PERFORMANCES with The Ruby Suns and Wolfmother / DJ sets with The Phatal DJ + Chico Sonido (dublab, Mexico)

Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County, 900 Exposition Blvd., Los Angeles, CA, 90007