Death Rattle

I was driving around the neighborhood and this sound caught my attention.
Drums and the crackling of thunder made me think it was worth a mention.
I entered this garage and watched the mirage of young musicians jammnig.

Adidas City

TR808 performs a dj set at the Adidas Store on Melrose in LA.
Guest Starring Hey Marlon and Kate Moss

Merchant of Blue Stone Tavern

Deer Warning Tee $12

Mermaid Lover Tote $15



Zooey Par Deux

Zooey Fin

in a time of great disaster
nothing seems to matter
only because i can't have her

she's in her own time
where there's flowers and sunshine
things she can call hers mine

here is the time passing
on a canvas lapsing
with some wishful grasping

yet time stands still

i see the fires burn
wait for wars to turn
and hope that people learn

i'm glad that she's not here
the darkness she does not steer
not able to create fear

so it comes from a place
feelings i can't chase
she takes the hearts base

yet time stands still


Commes des Garcons collection for H&M opens November 13th in the United States.
Designer: Rei Kawakubo
It was a long wait.

Everything in the collection sells out within 15 mins.
here's NY reported by Vanity Fair.