M is for the mysteries in existence.
M is for the moods we experience.
M is for the myths after surprise.

more M to soon arise.

like the sun the next chapter blinds
it comes around as a constant remind
of birds chirping tunes of things that exist
likes of which mortal hands can't grip

moments vibrate front of face
little does one know how things take place
to infinity and beyond the smallest connections
are really just another drawn out reflection

the artist urges the viewer to perceive the complexity of subjects deeper than the understanding of words by definition. to be more conscious of things in essence more pure to self. to intangibly grasp the feeling and just feel in silence.

in truth, i'd never known such beauty
that could bring so much through me
not just style and grace, but something more
that moves creativity place to place

so we invent things liken to fix
time, space and emotions to stick
to do what we feel in different capacity
making most of human tragedy

what's the excuse for a muse ever the question
some things we just don't know -the great life lesson
the color the sound the emotion defined
explained to those thoughtful and blind

past the manifestation of obsession
draws a religious collection praising nothing
but something to admire and imagine

aside from developing one approach and tapping into different projects, the artist inverts and experiments with different methodology upon one single focus, the muse.

Pieces of ...

Via www.deathcabforcutie.com/news
Hollywood Bowl "Transatlanticism" Finale: Video Compilation

A number of fan-made videos popped up on YouTube following Death Cab for Cutie's performance with The L.A. Philharmonic at the Hollywood Bowl last year. YouTube user CptGabok took a handful of those videos and put them together to make this awesome compilation of the "Transatlanticism" finale!

some footage i had taken is included in this beautifully edited recreation of time.